As a student you will be taught from each of the categories listed below. These will guide you through the course training.

The Fundamentals I

Main Course

* Introduction


Labor Support and Professional Doulas

*Section 2 

Nursing Process for Doulas

*Section 3

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Doula Actions

*Section 4

Pain During Labor and Birth

*Section 5

Anxiety During Labor and Birth

The Fundamentals II

Childbirth Course

*Section 1

A Healthy Pregnancy

*Section 2

Labor and Birth

*Section 3

After Birth Care

Our Obligations

A Doula's Call To Action



Birth Affirmations

Deep Breathing


Hydration & Hydrotherapy


Mindfulness Training

Movement & Positioning

Music & Progressive Relaxation

Rebozo & Reflexology

Spirituality & Visualization

Case Studies

Compliments to the Main Course

*Case Study 1


*Case Study 2

 Planned Epidural

*Case Study 3
 Severe Variable Decelerations

*Avoiding the 1st C-Section

What Do I Do About Fetal Monitoring?

*Case Study 3 

Severe Variable Decelerations

*Case Study 4


*Case Study 5

Gestational Diabetes

*Case Study 6

Post Dates Induction

*Case Study 7

Placenta Previa

*Case Study 8

Non-medicated Birth

*Case Study 9


*Case Study 10

Late Declerations

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